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20 May 2012 @ 02:23 pm
I don't typically make public posts, but I'm a hoping a select group of people will read this. I'm not giving names but you know who you are. I only hope you have grown up enough to comprehend this.

Today, my friend Jamie has lost her 2 year battle with Osteo-sarcoma (Bone Cancer). She is 25 and is leaving behind a beautiful 4 year old girl and a wonderful husband.

This isn't meant to be a pity post. I just need to say this: Don't waste your life. Don't be mad with anyone or shut them out of your life. If there is a problem or a misunderstanding, fix it. Grow up and do what is right. Life is too fleeting to be caught up in 'he-said/she-said' drama. Get out of Lala-land and wake up. The choices you make can either be your savior or your undoing. No one is invincible. Life is not a game.

We are never promised tomorrow, only today so cherish it.
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